A new face

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The party comes up to the window of the mill and sees a huge large disfigured human. He stands over 8 feet tall and is nearly 6 feet wide at the shoulders. He is seen pushing a human leg into chute leading into the millstone. The machine has been turned from a simple flour mill to a large scale meat grinder.

As they look across the room, looking for other creatures, they notice a human, a knight or paladin by the looks of his armor, bound and gagged along an inside wall. With the deafening noise of the machinery filling the room, they risk a rescue before engaging the foul beast.

Malus-Kai quietly opens the door, and silently enters the mill, careful to stay in the shadows when he can. He reaches the paladin, cuts the ropes with his dagger, and the two head back out towards the door. Unfortunately, the deformed figure catches sight of the two’s escape out of the corner of his eyes. He drops the leg into the chute, grabs his huge club and smites the escaping wizard.

The wizard barely dodges the hit. The club scraps across his back as it slams into the ground, causing his cloak to tear away and his back to start to glistening red with blood. The wizard fades and teleports away remaining insubstantial for a moment, while slamming the creature with a magic missile.

The paladin bolstered by the unbendable faith of his god, challenges the creature as he slashes at it with his sword. The beasts uses his club to deflect the blow, but he feels the compulsion of a higher power connect to his soul he feels the compulsion to focus his anger upon Bahumouts choosen.

With amazing speed Nalla runs to the door and charges full bore into the creature sword first. The creature uses its huge size to redirect the blade that surly would have killed a normal man. Instead the sword barely grazes the forearm of the beastman.

Fargrim, having not the blessing of the long legs of Nalla, smashes through the glass of the mill with a deft leap, and closes to spell distance. He lets fly with a bright lance of faith which installs hope within Nalla.

The fight continues on with the Paladin calling upon all of his powers to bring death and final destruction down upon the foul creature. The beast soon starts feeling the power of behumount with every strike against the formidable group. Finally enraged and bloody, caring only to kill just one of the group with his last breath, the creature grabs and pulls Fargrim towards the meat grinder.

But the mighty dwarf has much experience fighting large opponents, and manages to stop himself before his feet touch the grindstone. Malus-Kai unleashes a force bolt and breaks the up the beast from the dwarf. With his last chance at a minor victory gone, the beast now starts swinging blindly at the nearest hero. And in moments it is over. The strength finally fades and he drops to the ground dead.

Harsh Introductions

After searching the witches hut for items of value, and only coming up with useless trinkets, the group decided to move on to the village.

It is a small village with a large wooden palisade surrounding it. By the looks of it it has a large mill at the far side of the village next to a river that runs into a swamp.

After some debate on the tactics to use, Malus-Kai convinces the group that he can sneak up towards the rampart, and use prestidigitation to create the illusion of torches in the mist, so see how the guards react. Unfortunatly despite the concealment of fog, he is detected by the guards as he creeps into position.

When they call for him to show himself, he does. When ask if there are others, he calls for them to come over. Only Nalla remains hidden from the guards and manages to sneak within 30 feet of the palisade some 40 feet away from the group.

When the captain of the guard starts asking the others the same questions as Malus-Kai in order to determine if they are lying, Fargrim gives up on the charade and states plainly that they are here to kill them all. The guards are taken back by this, and the captain orders the rest of the guardsmen to attack.

When the group starts returning fire, they realize that the palisade wall is providing excellent cover to the guardsmen, and that hitting them will not be easy. When Malus-Kai realizes this he makes a brash move, he teleports [Find true name of this] over the palisade and behind the captain and delivers powerful blow with his poison dagger.

Nalla is the second to act, from her hiding space she runs and makes a great leap, easily grabbing the top of the 15 foot wall and flinging herself over with no injury to herself. She enters the fray in hopes of freeing Malus-Kai from the sights of the guardsmen.

Aidan Beriadan Attempts to assist from the other side of the wall by using his bow, as he has no easy way to cross the wall. Fargrim is in the same situation and also attempts to assist from the outside of the village. However the palisade provides great cover to the guards and nearly none for the two heroes as they exchange attacks across the wall.

Malus is in a very bad spot, when the guardsmen converge on him. He is gored by several of the spear men, which sap his strength as his life flows out of him every moment. In an act of desperation, Malus tumbles to the ground like an acrobat, allowing him to drop to the earth without opening his defenses to the spear men on the wall. However when he gets up he finds himself surrounded by even more guards. Quickly he casts sleep as they move to close in on him.

Nalla wades into a sea of men, hacking and chopping with her greatsword as she goes. As the cleric and the ranger exchange fire with those few guards still stationed at the wall, Nalla continues her thrashing of the men, as Malus runs as many of the men fall victum to his sleep spell.

In moments the fight is over, with Nalla and Malus killing the majority of the men with steel and spell, which allows for Aiden and Fargrim to crawl over the wall when the battle is mostly done.

First blood

It all starts at a cross roads to Kingspire. The group decides to investigate the main of two roads leading to the town of Kingspire. The keen eyed Aidan Beriadan notices a silhouette of what appears to be a man in the rushes beside the main road. It has several black feathered arrows protruding from its back, and they determine that it looks like he was shot while moving away from the town.

They also discover a map of a ruined castle on his person. The thought that the killers came from the town, pushed the Adventurers towards the smaller road they had passed up earlier on, hoping to find a quieter way into the village.

Upon the smaller road they discover a small hut with what appears to be a strong warm fire burning within it. As the come up to the building, the mists move in an envelope the party, and they get the distinct feeling that they are being watched by something ancient.

Fargrim and Malus knock on the door and are greeted by an old woman who askes them to come in and warm themselves by the fire. They all enter. When she notices Aidan she begs him for blood or a piece of hair for a fortune telling.

Aidan agrees to a lock of hair. The woman tells of a Lord of Kingspire and that he is troubled. She removes a dull worn crown from her dirty hair and hands it to the Elf.

The woman, intrigued by the result of the first fortune begs for another subject. Malus-Kai volunteers. The woman gives him a ring, instructing him that this should be given to some woman that they have never heard of before.

Fargrim was next, but his foretelling did not end as well as the others, the womans eyes widened and she started screaming that Fargrim would cause the end of the reign of the Kingspire, and that he must be stopped. She called upon some “pretties” for help and two huge anceint crocodiles burst through the thin walls of the hut, and attacked.

During the course of the battle Malus-Kai unleashed a Bigby’s Icy Grasp spell and proceeded to pound the crocodiles into submission. The witch, seeing this attempted to turn him into a toad. It nearly worked too as round after round the wizards body became less and less under his control. Within moments of the final transformation was to take place, the spell broke, and his body was under his control again.

Two times during the melee the crocs. had managed to grab onto a hero, and both times the heroes escaped not much worse for where (one phased out of the grasp, the other tore her way out with brute strength.

A blog for your campaign

Overview: I don’t know how long I will keep this up. At the moment none of my players know about this site. Depending on how much effort I put into it will determine if I tell them about it. For now, I will jot down my mental ramblings about the Kingspire adventure from Goodman games. So far it looks like a great adventure. I just hope my group stays together long enough to finish it!


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