First blood

It all starts at a cross roads to Kingspire. The group decides to investigate the main of two roads leading to the town of Kingspire. The keen eyed Aidan Beriadan notices a silhouette of what appears to be a man in the rushes beside the main road. It has several black feathered arrows protruding from its back, and they determine that it looks like he was shot while moving away from the town.

They also discover a map of a ruined castle on his person. The thought that the killers came from the town, pushed the Adventurers towards the smaller road they had passed up earlier on, hoping to find a quieter way into the village.

Upon the smaller road they discover a small hut with what appears to be a strong warm fire burning within it. As the come up to the building, the mists move in an envelope the party, and they get the distinct feeling that they are being watched by something ancient.

Fargrim and Malus knock on the door and are greeted by an old woman who askes them to come in and warm themselves by the fire. They all enter. When she notices Aidan she begs him for blood or a piece of hair for a fortune telling.

Aidan agrees to a lock of hair. The woman tells of a Lord of Kingspire and that he is troubled. She removes a dull worn crown from her dirty hair and hands it to the Elf.

The woman, intrigued by the result of the first fortune begs for another subject. Malus-Kai volunteers. The woman gives him a ring, instructing him that this should be given to some woman that they have never heard of before.

Fargrim was next, but his foretelling did not end as well as the others, the womans eyes widened and she started screaming that Fargrim would cause the end of the reign of the Kingspire, and that he must be stopped. She called upon some “pretties” for help and two huge anceint crocodiles burst through the thin walls of the hut, and attacked.

During the course of the battle Malus-Kai unleashed a Bigby’s Icy Grasp spell and proceeded to pound the crocodiles into submission. The witch, seeing this attempted to turn him into a toad. It nearly worked too as round after round the wizards body became less and less under his control. Within moments of the final transformation was to take place, the spell broke, and his body was under his control again.

Two times during the melee the crocs. had managed to grab onto a hero, and both times the heroes escaped not much worse for where (one phased out of the grasp, the other tore her way out with brute strength.


JesterOC JesterOC

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